RTSoft Services RTSoft Engineering is a leading provider of complete software and support solutions for the embedded and real-time systems market. RTSoft Engineering offers services that include development of custom firmware, device drivers, network protocols, and board support packages (BSPs), as well as OS porting, PCB prototyping, application programming and technical support.


  • Implementation and porting of Board Support Packages and device drivers for customer applications in VxWorks™, LynxOS™, OSE™, Embedded Linux™, Windows™, RTEMS™;
  • Porting RTOSes to any hardware platform based on x86, PPC 5XX, 6XX, 7XX, 7XXX, MIPS 32,64, SH3, 4, ARM 7, 9, SArm, XScale, PXA, Bulverde, OMAP, Motorola 68K, Power QUICC, Power QUICC II, Extensa, IXP and System-on-chip cores.
  • Custom software services including graphics drivers Linux, RTOS. (X11, XFree, PEG, QTe, OpenGL), VAPS porting, ARINC drivers, JAVA, Eclipse, Carrier Grade Enhancements to Linux, Windows NT Embedded, XPE, DO-178B conformance testing and coverage, and more...
  • Writing system and application software using C, C++, Java, TCL, Assembler and other languages.
  • Rigorous and comprehensive QA testing and management using automated test and build systems, test harnesses and scripts.
    Full documenting and code verification including user manuals, release notes, bug tracking system, upgrades.
  • The top-down design and development of digital systems based on most popular Motorola processors (68000 family, Coldfire, Power QUICC, Power QUICC II), ARM, XScale processors and different DSPs.
  • PCB layout design (using Mentor Graphics Board Stn). Complex digital, analog and hybrid projects, backplane boards, multi-layers custom-designed board outlines with high-density placements, impedance control, complex analog-digital multi-split Power planes. All the current surface mount technology (SMT) design, including UBGA, and fabrication techniques available today can be utilized.
  • VHDL-based Macroblock design, simulation (using Mentor Graphics ModelSim and QuickSim) and synthesis (using Synopsys tools).
  • FPGA-based (Xilinx, Altera) full system physical prototyping and real-time testing (using HP16500 Logic Analysis System).
    Implementation of core functionality and communication protocols for ATM switches, IP routers, xDSL equipment, ATM/TDM switches; ATM switches with UNI signaling, IPOA, NHRP, RSVP.
  • Implementation of IPv4 and IPv6 protocols stacks including dual stacks for variety of operating environments.
    Network management solutions based on SNMP, SNMPv2, SNMPv3.
  • Implementation of network management agents, management applications, using Envoy™ from Wind River Systems, UCD SNMP library.
  • Implementation, optimization and testing of DSP firmware. The experience includes lower layer algorithms of GSM in proprietary DSP architecture from IMEC, processing of industrial sensor data in TI C6711, analysis of DSL algorithms.