Founded in 1992, RTSoft Inc. provides system integration and custom software development for specific clients throughout the world. Our expertise includes custom firmware, drivers, Board Support Packages (BSPs), OS porting, protocol stacks and embedded applications. RTSoft has grown from its roots in real- time software development to become a fully integrated supplier of services, from hardware and software distribution to complete project management.

With more than 350 employees at our Moscow headquarters, RTSoft provides sufficient manpower to handle large or small projects on client-driven timelines. RTSoft delivers complete solutions to clients, building on our own massive library of software and integration tools drawn from extensive project experience with embedded systems developed for applications as diverse as those required by the oil and gas, chemical, power distribution and metallurgical industries.


Most companies realize that it isn't feasible to keep an army of programmers waiting for the next big project. Nonetheless, when the contract is signed or the project is approved, the pressure is on to deliver - fast. RTSoft's engineers, selected for their expertise with the platform at hand, are ready to start on your project immediately and complete it on your time line, helping you achieve turnaround speed that was once unimaginable.


Systems integration and software development are inherently project-driven, requiring specialized skills and tools. Hiring additional staff for short- or medium-term projects drains capital and other company resources. RTSoft provides the people and tools to complement and enhance your in-house professionals.


No matter how much you save on project outlays, outsourcing is no bargain if the result is an inferior or defective product. RTSoft engineers test, retest, and validate at every step of the development cycle. Your project is fully documented and success is guaranteed.


With experience in projects of every size, RTSoft can tackle anything from simple software development to complete project management. Our resources complement yours, providing exactly the level of assistance you require.


All customer information is kept strictly confidential. Access to source codes, project details, and contact information is restricted to staff specifically listed in the project plan. All customer materials associated with the project are returned or destroyed. No mention is made of clients and/or current or completed projects, without prior written permission from the clients themselves.

Cost Savings

Working with RTSoft can save 30 - 50% on direct development costs for small- to medium -sized projects, and even more on larger projects. Moreover, outsourcing eliminates the indirect drain on human resources, office space, and support services associated with hiring new staff.


RTSoft has developed long-term relationships with leading North American and European suppliers and partners, growing out of both distribution and joint development programs. From our extensive project experience, we have amassed a vast library of development tools that can be readily applied and adapted to new challenges.